Franz Josef Land map and satellite image update


The map of Franz Josef Land got an update with new map data and a new satellite image mosaic fully based on Landsat-8-data and produced to the standards previously shown in the Greenland and Svalbard images.

The mapping is updated fully based on 2015 imagery and the satellite image is assembled from images from 2013-2015. Both map data and imagery have a significantly better positional accuracy now. Due to the higher resolution the map now features an additional zoom level.

Like in case of the Svalbard and Greenland images i also have a version with the ocean not masked in uniform color but with real measured coloring – the strongly structured sea ice pattern is however distracting somewhat from the islands.

Apart from these two variants of the atmosphere compensated snow minimum assembly you can of course also get the previously shown summer and spring images:

As usual map data and satellite image mosaic are available on

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